Direct Asset-Based Lending
in the Americas

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Who We Are

Savile Finance Group operates a direct investment lending program, structuring senior-secured asset-backed facilities for small and medium companies in the United States, Latin America, and Caribbean.  Savile’s products are typically short-term, asset-based loans.  

Savile's particular focus is cross-border trade, with many U.S. borrowers seeking to finance and expand their activities in Latin American markets.

Savile addresses a gap in the debt marketplace that leaves large sectors of the economy chronically underserved by the traditional banking institutions.  The principals have worked together since 2002 and they have been involved in direct lending asset management strategies since 1999.

For Investors

For Investors, Savile's Investment Program is designed to generate low volatility, non-correlated, absolute returns over fluctuating market cycles.

Since its inception in 2006, Savile has protected investor capital entrusted to its care and was able to generate positive annual returns throughout its operating history.  In the current environment, where investors are finding that traditional fixed income investments are failing to play their historical role of delivering safety and moderate income, Savile's structured loan offering is able to support the portfolio through periods of volatility.

During the very challenging 2008 and 2009 years, the strategy proved itself under the most difficult market conditions observed in decades with positive returns in both of these years.

For Borrowers

For Borrowers, Savile provides a financing solution in instances where bank financing is not available.  This is particularly true for cross-boarder commercial activities which fall below the threshold requirement of large banks.  With smaller banks unwilling to step across national boarders to support clients, smaller and mid-size companies face narrow options for cross-boarder finance.  

Savile works with these companies to craft a financing structure to accommodate working capital and expansion needs.  Savile is able to provide clients with both in-country and cross-border credit facilities.